Lake Champlain ... Founded by the French Explorer Samuel de Champlain Samuel encountered our 110 mile lake in 1609.  Since Colonial times, Lake Champlain waterways have provided excellent passage for commerce.  Forts were built and battles fought.  The War of 1812 was said to have ended the final invasion of the northern states.  Today, Fort Ticonderoga remains preserved as part of our US heritage.


Lake Champlain has about 80 islands and one of the oldest reefs in the world - The Chazy Reef.  The lake, at its deepest, is approximately 400' deep and providing some of the best Bass Tournament Fishing in the USA!  Ferry crossings run regularly, as well as rail, and historic lighthouses are notable scenic trips worth taking.  There is so much to explore on the New York and Vermont sides of this great lake.  So much so, that we are providing our viewers with a tour of the New York's Champlain shores.  Join us!


Lake Champlain offers some of the best real estate and vacation properties.  Boating is a pleasure; sail boat regattas memorable; fishing superb (81 species); and birding (300 species) brings folks back to nature.


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